Frequently Asked Questions

The Biggest Story Curriculum (General)

What Biggest Story Curriculum products are available? The complete Biggest Story Curriculum is available as a box set and PDF download. Individual print volumes of the curriculum are also available, as well as standalone activity and coloring books. (Note: all curriculum content, including activity and coloring pages, can be found in The Biggest Story Curriculum Box Set.)
What resources are designed to be used alongside The Biggest Story Curriculum? The curriculum is designed to be used on its own, but lessons can be supplemented with a number of resources, including The Biggest Story Bible Storybook; The Biggest Story Posters, and The Biggest Story Verse Cards.
What does The Biggest Story Curriculum aim to achieve over its course? The curriculum aims to introduce children ages 6–12 to the big story of the Bible in a more formal environment, such as a classroom or school setting. No matter what timeline the lessons are used in, children will walk away from the lessons having grown in their understanding and appreciation of the overarching story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.
How dependent is the curriculum on The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung? The curriculum lessons and the chapters in the storybook are based on the same Scripture passages, but the curriculum is not dependent on the storybook. To present the Bible passage for each lesson, you can either read from the Bible, read from The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, show the animated videos (which are based on the storybook), or read from The Biggest Story Posters.
Is The Biggest Story Bible Storybook included with the curriculum? The Biggest Story Bible Storybook content is not included in the 6-volume set. Both The Biggest Story Bible Storybook and The Biggest Story Posters include the full Bible stories by Kevin DeYoung and are available for purchase separately.
How is the curriculum structured? The curriculum lessons walk through the big story of the Bible, starting in the Old Testament. There are 52 lessons from the Old Testament and 52 lessons from the New Testament.
How long will it take to work through the complete curriculum? Depending on the desired pace and schedule, it should take 2–3 years to complete all 104 lessons in the curriculum.
What are the different components of each curriculum lesson? Lessons are divided into three broad sections: Read, Teach, and Engage.
  • The Read section contains the following components: A prompt to read the Bible passage and Before the Lesson preparation tips (5 minutes).
  • The Teach section contains the following components: The Big Picture introduction (5 minutes), Tell the Story presentation (5–10 minutes), Teach the Story script, and Gospel Connection summary.
  • The Engage section contains the following components: Discuss the Story conversation guide (10 minutes), Activities (10–15 minutes), Memory Verse, and Crafts (10–15 minutes).
  • There is also a coloring page and activity sheet available for each lesson. These pages can be downloaded for free from or copied from volume 6 of the curriculum set.
Can lesson plans be customized for different time durations, age ranges, and class sizes? A major strength of The Biggest Story Curriculum is its modular design, which allows teachers to pick and choose the components they'll use based on the age of the students, specific educational goals, or available time. (The curriculum contains sample lesson plans offering examples for different time durations: 30-, 45-, and 60-minute class times.)
Can one lesson be used over two different class hours (e.g. Sunday school and children's church)? Yes, because each lesson is already broken up into modular sections, it can easily be covered using two class hours. This may require that teachers fill extra time with snacks, supplementary activities, discussion time, or play time.
Who created the curriculum? Crossway partnered with award-winning artists, pastors, curriculum developers, Sunday school teachers, animators, and software developers to create The Biggest Story Curriculum.
Can I use this curriculum for my entire K–5 children's ministry? This curriculum was designed with children in kindergarten through fifth grade in mind. To engage the children at their respective levels, teachers are encouraged to consider the age of their class when telling the story and asking questions. The activities and crafts in each lesson are broken up into two age ranges: K–2nd and 3rd–5th.
Can I reproduce the coloring and activity pages for each lesson? Yes. Coloring and activity pages are also available as free downloads at
Does the curriculum line up with the yearly calendar and holidays (i.e., are there lessons related to Christmas and Easter during those seasons)? No. The curriculum is not organized around the yearly calendar, so it can be started at any point during the year.
Can I jump around in the curriculum, or do the lessons build on each other? While individual lessons were written as self-contained units and may be used at any time, depending on your group's needs, the curriculum's full value is enjoyed when it is taught linearly. The Bible's overarching story of redemption develops progressively from Genesis to Revelation, and this curriculum is designed to help children learn more about that development.
How do the animated videos relate to the curriculum and the storybook? The animated videos, narrated by Michael Reeves, feature the full text of the stories contained in The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung.
What options are available for playing the videos? You can either stream the videos or download them for free from the website. If you want to watch the videos offline, you'll need to download them first.
Can I download the videos? Videos will be available to download as they are released. Once all videos are complete in 2024, they will also be available for purchase as a DVD.
Can I watch the videos offline? Yes. All videos are freely available to download from
When will all the videos be available? 35 story videos are available on as of June 2023. As videos are completed, they will be added to, with all 104 videos being available in 2024.
Is the curriculum designed to be used with a specific Bible translation? No, users are free to use whatever Bible translation they prefer, but it should be noted that all quotations featured in the curriculum are from the English Standard Version.
Will the theological approach to the content fit with my church's / denomination's beliefs? The content in The Biggest Story Curriculum is not overtly tied to a specific denomination and should fit well with everyone who loves the Bible and recognizes that all Scripture bears witness about Jesus.
Are there any images of Jesus in the curriculum / suite? Some stories within The Biggest Story Curriculum include pictures of Jesus. The illustration style shows that these are not meant to be depictions of Jesus as he really was on earth. Instead, the artwork used here recognizes that Jesus is indeed the main character of the Biggest Story.

Church Use

How many curriculum sets will my church need? We have developed a purchasing guide to help churches, schools, and families decide what materials are required and in what quantity.
If each teacher is equipped with the volume they're teaching, why does the classroom need its own set? One set in the classroom is the starting point for each group. If you don't buy a volume for every teacher or volunteer, or if your church is very small, there should be a common set available in each class. A classroom set is also helpful when substitute volunteers fill in, someone forgets a book, or a pastor wants to review the curriculum.
How much advance preparation is required for each lesson? Plan to spend at least 5–10 minutes reading and meditating on the weekly Bible passage and another 5–10 minutes reading through the Teach and Engage sections before each lesson.
Are the lesson plans reproducible? Yes, pages of the print curriculum volumes can be copied and distributed to teachers and volunteers, or users can purchase the curriculum PDF for convenient distribution. Both copies generated from the print volumes and the PDFs are shareable up to 25 times.
Is the curriculum available digitally? Yes, the curriculum is available for purchase as a downloadable PDF.
How do I equip teachers with the curriculum lesson plans? There are a few options available for providing lesson plans to individual teachers. We have developed a purchasing guide to help churches and schools decide what option works best for them.

Home Use

Is the curriculum suitable for a homeschooling context? Yes. The Biggest Story Curriculum can be used as a homeschool resource. We have created a lesson planning guide that provides example schedules adapted for the homeschool context.


Do I need to create an account to access content on Every week one lesson will be freely featured that will be viewable to all visitors. Users will need to create a free account to access free printables for every lesson. In 2024 we plan to launch a subscription service that will enable registered users to access full lesson content on the website.
Can I plan my church's children's ministry calendar on the site? Yes, this will be a feature offered in the subscription service, launching in 2024. Administrators who have subscribed to a church account will be able to plan and order lessons week by week and push that schedule out to teachers and volunteers on their church account.
Will there be a Biggest Story app? Yes, we are planning to launch the subscription service in 2024 with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. By signing in to a church account on the mobile apps, users will be able to access the schedule and all lesson content.