This Week's Lesson Plan

Try out the Biggest Story Curriculum, with everything you need to teach Daniel 6 to kids. A new lesson will be available here each week.

Read Before the lesson, read and meditate on the Bible passage Read
Teach Use these teaching tools to help kids learn the story Teach
Engage Engage their imaginations with questions, activities, and more Engage
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Created for Teachers

When kids see how stories from the Bible fit together, they can understand God's purpose in all of history, from the beginning of the world to the present. This easy-to-follow curriculum, made especially for churches, helps you lead students ages 6-12 through 104 Scripture-illuminating stories.

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Discover as a Family

Reading Bible stories is a great way to worship as a family. But do kids understand how each story fits together? These fun resources help readers ages 6-12 connect the full storyline of Scripture for a richer understanding of God and his word.

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Resources for Your Class

Are you already using the print curriculum and looking for downloadable extras to go with your lesson? Visit the Printables page to find your Activity Sheets, Coloring Pages, Craft Templates, and more!

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Stories Coming Soon

Look for a new story and one week of free access to the curriculum releasing every Monday.

Next Week Hosea 1–3 Hosea 1–3 A Marriage Made in Heaven
April 29 Amos 5 Amos 5 Let Justice Roll Down
May 6 Amos 8–9 Amos 8–9 Famine and Feast
May 13 Jonah 1–4 Jonah 1–4 Big Fish, Bigger Mercy
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The Biggest Story Podcast

Designed for families to enjoy on the way to school, after dinner, before bedtime, or anytime, the Biggest Story Podcast will introduce kids to 104 Bible stories and explain how they all connect to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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