1 Samuel 16–17

David Stands Tall

Discussion Questions

Discuss the story in small groups using the following questions. {10–15 minutes}

  1. Why did Samuel think the oldest son would be the next king? Can we tell if people love and trust God by their appearance? Who is the only one that knows completely if we love God or not? And how does he know?
    God doesn’t look on the outside; he looks inside at our hearts.
  2. Why were all the Israelites afraid of Goliath? Why wasn’t David afraid? How can we be like David?
    God is with us, so we don’t need to be afraid of our enemies.
  3. What happened when David was anointed that gave him strength for the battle? How was David able to defeat the mighty Goliath? If we are Christians, we have the Spirit just like David. How can this help us when we feel weak or afraid?
    The Spirit of the Lord is our strength.
  4. How was Jesus an unlikely king like David? What did David do to defeat Goliath? What did Jesus do to defeat sin, death, and Satan?
    Through God’s chosen King (Jesus) and his weakness (the cross), God defeated our biggest enemies (sin, death, and Satan).


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