Daniel 6

The Miraculous Catnap

Discussion Questions

Discuss the story in small groups using the following questions. {10–15 minutes}

  1. What good things had happened to Daniel? What bad thing happened? How did Daniel respond to the new law? Why?
    Like Daniel, we should trust and obey God no matter what happens to us.
  2. What did the king fear would happen to Daniel? Do you think Daniel was afraid of being eaten by the lions? Why do you think Daniel chose to obey God rather than the king? Who did he fear more—the king or God?
    We should fear God, who has the power to save us even from powerful and hungry lions, more than people.
  3. How does the story of Daniel and the lions’ den remind you of Jesus? What’s different? What do both stories teach us about trusting and obeying God?
    If we follow Jesus, who is the author and perfecter of our faith, we will be delivered—even from death.


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