Matthew 3

The Pointer and the Point

Discussion Questions

Discuss the story in small groups using the following questions. {10–15 minutes}

  1. Who were some of the Old Testament prophets? What funny clothes did Elijah wear? Who did Malachi say would come before the Lord came to earth? How did John the Baptist’s clothes show he was that special prophet?
    John the Baptist fulfilled the prophecy that a prophet like Elijah would come to prepare the way of the Lord.
  2. What was the message that John preached? What did John tell people to do to show that they had repented? How did baptizing people prepare the way for Jesus?
    John baptized as a sign people had confessed and repented of their sin.
  3. Were a lot of people coming to hear John? Did that make John think he was really important? Who did he want people to see as really important? How did he tell them that?
    John’s main job was to point people to Jesus.
  4. Why did John baptize people? What did he say when Jesus came to be baptized? Why did Jesus say he must be baptized? What did God say and do to show he was pleased by Jesus’s baptism?
    Jesus’s baptism revealed God’s plan to cleanse people of their sins through Jesus.


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