1 Samuel 16–17

David Stands Tall


Choose from the following craft suggestions depending on time, age ranges, and group size. {10–15 minutes}


Option 1: Heart Necklace

cardstock, hole punch, scissors, marker/crayons, pony beads in a variety of colors, thin yarn/string, small bowls

Gather supplies. Cut out small paper hearts on cardstock that say, “God looks at the heart.” Hole punch two holes in the top of the heart so the heart will lay flat when string is threaded through it. Cut thin yarn into 24-inch pieces. Place beads in small bowls (one per table). Make a sample craft.

Give each child one piece of string and a heart. Place beads and markers/crayons on each table. Have children decorate the paper hearts and then string a piece of thin yarn through the holes in the heart. Then have them add pony beads in patterns and colors of their choosing to the sides of the heart. Tie each child’s string to form a necklace.

Option 2: Lace Together Hearts

cardstock, yarn, crayons/markers, hole punch, scissors, paper clips

Gather supplies. Print and cut out large cardstock hearts (two per child). Hold pairs of hearts together and punch holes along the sides and bottom of the hearts (paper clip each pair together). Cut yarn pieces about 24 inches in length (one per child). Make a sample craft.

Distribute a pair of hearts and a piece of yarn to each child. Have children decorate the hearts as desired with markers/crayons, then use the yarn to lace the hearts together, leaving the top open to make a pocket. Knot and trim the yarn as necessary. Encourage the kids to find five small rocks outside to keep in the heart to remind them of what God can do when they put their faith in him.


Option 1: String Art Heart

cardstock, different colored yarn, hole punch, scissors, tape

Gather supplies. Print and cut out large cardstock hearts (one per child). Use a hole punch to make holes around the outside of the hearts. Form balls of yarn for each child (approx. 6 feet, or enough to complete the craft). Make a sample craft.

Give the children each a cardstock heart and ball of yarn. Have them unroll the yarn and tape one end to the back of the heart. Then show them how to string yarn through one hole and then thread the end into a hole on the opposite side of the heart. Continue to string the yarn through the holes, crossing yarn over the center each time until yarn has been thread through each hole. Extra yarn should be trimmed at the end to complete and taped to secure on the back.

Option 2: Slingshot Challenge

craft sticks, rubber bands, plastic spoons, large marshmallows, plastic bags

Gather supplies. Experiment with making a slingshot using the supplies.

Place craft sticks, rubber bands, plastic spoons, and a bowl of marshmallows on each table. Challenge the children to build a slingshot that shoots a large marshmallow and hits a target such as a bullseye. At the end of class, give them a bag with a marshmallow to take home with their slingshots.


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