1 Samuel 16–17

David Stands Tall


Use the following coloring and activity sheets, or choose from the additional activity suggestions below. {10–15 minutes}

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More Activity Suggestions


Option 1: Philistines and Israelites


Have children line up on one side of the room. Choose one person to be Goliath. Goliath says, “I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other.” Children try to cross to the other side without being tagged by Goliath. If they are tagged, they join the Philistine army and help Goliath tag others until only one person is remaining.

Option 2: Sheep in the Pen Relay Race

bag of cotton balls, plastic spoons (one per team), large plastic cup (one per team)

Gather supplies. Scatter cotton balls on the floor on one side of the room.

Divide children into teams and give each team a cup and have them put it on the floor at the starting line. Give the first child on each team a spoon. When you call out “Go,” the first person on each team should race down, pick up a “sheep” (cotton ball) with the spoon, and bring it back to the “sheep pen” (cup). If the cotton ball falls off the spoon while carrying it, the child must stop and replace it before continuing. Once they put it in the cup, they give the spoon to the next player. Play continues for a predetermined amount of time. The winning team gets the most cotton balls into their team’s cup in the allotted time.


Option 1: Shepherd the Sheep Game

masking tape

Mark off an area on the floor with the tape so all the children can stand in it.

Have the children stand in the taped area (the sheepfold). Choose one person to be David the Shepherd and the others to be sheep. David stands in the center of the play area and counts to five with his eyes closed. While David counts, the sheep scatter outside of the sheepfold. After counting, David opens his eyes and tries to tag the sheep until he has tagged them all. When a sheep is tagged, she is sent to the sheepfold. As time allows, the last person to be tagged can be the new David.

Option 2: Put On the King’s Armor Relay

a set of armor (helmets, knee pads, shirts, plastic swords, boots, etc.) per team

Gather supplies. Place armor sets on one side of the room (one pile per team).

Divide the class into teams and have them line up on the opposite side of the room as their pile of armor. To begin, say “Who will fight Goliath?” The first child on each team will race to the armor and put on all the items. Then she should run back to the starting line, take off the items, and tag the next person in line to go. The next person puts on the items right away, runs to the opposite side, takes off the items, runs back, and tags the next person. Play continues until all players have a turn. The winning team is the one that gets all their team members to complete the race first.


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